Montag, 23. Januar 2012

It comes naturally

A few colors your closet will need:
-natural colors like saffron yellow, olive green and mud brown
- pastel colours (green, yellow, blue, rose…)
- jeans blue
- and lots of white!!!


  1. The third picture is my favorite! Because it's artsy and because I realized the yellow sweater has elbow patches! (:

  2. hi evreyone if i wear a blouse simmilar to j`s over a simple tank top would you tie the blouse in a knot leave it open ore close all the buttons? can someone help me out?
    thx zoe

    1. Hi zoe! I'm so sorry that I didn't answer you sooner! For some reason my login didn't work...-.- I now have another account ( ) I'd either make a know or close all the buttons because if you leave the blouse open the proportions might won't look right. :)